Daily Intercessions for 2021

Daily Intercessions


 1st Abp Justin & Abp. Stephen,Christian Aid 

 Abercorn Gardens, Joydon Drive

 2nd Our MP Sam Tarry & local Councillors

 Arandora Cresc., Galsworthy Ave.,

 3rd Barley Lane School

 Wellwood Road

 4th St John`s Seven Kings

 Avenue Road, Serpentine Close

 5th Barleymont Nursery

 Barley Lane

 6th Eastcourt Independent School 

 Barleyfields Close, Juniper Court

 7th The Mothers` Union

 Blythswood Road

 8th Our emergency services and Community support officers

 Capstan Close, Crucible Close

 9th USPG 

 Chadwell Avenue

 10th Farnham Green School 

 Christie Gardens, Priestley Gardens

 11th Messy Church 

 Cross Road, Milton Court

 12th St Cedd’s RC Church 

 Douglas Road, Erin Close

 13th The Prison Fellowship 

 Eastwood Road

 14th Our Scout and Guide groups 

 Eccleston Cresc., Thackeray Drive

 15th All Saints Goodmayes 

 Essex Road, Railway Street

 16th Bishop Guli and Archdeacon Elwin

 Goodmayes Avenue, Percy Road

 17th Chadwell Primary School 

 Gresham Drive, Langham Drive

 18th River House Trust, Goodmayes Baptist Church

 Grove Road, Glendale Avenue

 19th Staff & patients of Goodmayes Hospital 

 Huxley Drive, Ilfracombe Gardens

 20th Rowallan House, Our GPs and Community health care staff

 Lexden Drive

 21st Chadwell Heath Academy 

 Kingswood Road

 22nd Staff & patients of King George Hospital

 Ilford High Road, Telegraph Mews 

 23rd Our young people’s groups 

 Mannin Road

 24th All who use the Community Centre 

 Medici Close

 25th Friends of Essex Churches Trust 

 Millhaven Close, Quarles Park Close

 26th St Peter`s Aldborough Hatch 

 Primrose Avenue

 27th Newbridge School, The Queen 

 Regent Gardens, Royal Close

 28th Goodmayes Methodist Church 

 Westwood Road

 29th English for Women 

 Goodmayes Road

 30th Food Bank, Malachi Place

 Atholl Court, Grove Farm



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