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Sunday 2nd June 201910:00EASTER 7 - Sung Eucharist
Monday 3rd June 201910:30Mass with hymns at Rowallan House Nursing Home
19:00Said Mass
Tuesday 4th June 201912:00Said Mass
Wednesday 5th June 201909:15Said Mass
20:00PCC meeting in the Vicarage following 7.30p.m. Mass
Sunday 9th June 201910:00FEAST OF PENTECOST - Sung Eucharist
16:00Messy Church - starts in the Community Centre in Barley Lane
Monday 10th June 201919:00Said Mass
Tuesday 11th June 201900:00FEAST OF ST BARNABAS
12:00Said Mass
Wednesday 12th June 201909:15Said Mass
Sunday 16th June 201900:00Deadline for the July magazine
10:00TRINITY SUNDAY (Father's Day) Sung Eucharist
Monday 17th June 201919:00Said Mass
Tuesday 18th June 201912:00Said Mass
Wednesday 19th June 201909:15Said Mass
Sunday 23rd June 201910:00DAY OF THANKSGIVING (Corpus Christi) Sung Eucharist
Monday 24th June 201900:00FEAST OF ST JOHN THE BAPTIST
19:00Said Mass
Tuesday 25th June 201912:00Said Mass
Wednesday 26th June 201909:15Said Mass
Saturday 29th June 201910:00Church Cleaning session
Sunday 30th June 201910:00FEAST OF ST PETER & ST PAUL - All-age Eucharist
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