The Annunciation Window

Annuciation Window ~ The Tolbart Memorial

On 1st June 1973, Walter Tolbart died, leaving a substantial bequest to the Church.  He had expressed a wish that part of this money should still be used for the proposed window and further approaches were made to various artists in 1974.  Finally, in April 1975, the PCC approved a
design by Leonard Evetts, depicting the Annunciation; and the window was dedicated in memory of both Doreen and Walter Tolbart on 30
th November of that year.

In the left-hand light, the archangel Gabriel “is drawn to give the impression that on wing he has silently entered the drama, barely touching the earth” to quote the artist`s own account.  Our Lady is depicted on the right; she wears the traditional blue robe, which is decorated with a Madonna Lily.  Gabriel`s salutation is written across the centre in Latin: ‘Ave Maria, gratia plena, Dominus tecum’ – Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee’

Gabriel went on to say that Mary would conceive by the Holy Spirit, and this appears in symbolic form in our Annunciation Window: the Spirit is represented by a Dove, in the tracery, and shafts of light can be seen descending from there onto the figure of our Lady.

The inscription reads: ‘In memory of Doreen and Walter Tolbart. R.I.P.’ Close inspection of the bottom right-hand corner also reveals the artist`s signature: ‘L.C. Evetts fecit.1975’ (‘fecit’ being the Latin for ‘made’).

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