St Paul's Sunday Squad (Sunday School)

Sunday Squad (School) is held during the first part of the 10 am Sunday morning service and takes place in the new community centre. The age group of the children varies between 2 and 15.


Activities for the younger children (2 - 9 years) include:

  • Listening to and talking about bible stories
  • Craft activities, some activities lead to the decoration of the church, e.g. Christmas and Easter
  • Drawing, colouring and solving puzzles based on Christian themes
  • Taking part in active games

Activities for the older children and teenagers (10 - 15 years) include:

  • Discussion of bible stories and their relevance to our lives today
  • Discussion of current issues and their reactions to them as Christians.
  • Helping with the activities for the younger children.

We perform a Christmas play – a different one each year – based on the birth of Jesus. The children gain confidence by taking part in the play at whatever level they feel comfortable with.



For further information or if you would like to bring your child to Sunday school please complete the the church.


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