Church of England Calendar for August 2018

            Church of England Calendar for August 2018


  1st:  Feria                                                 16th: Feria

  2nd: Feria                                                 17th: Feria

  3rd: Feria                                                  18th: Feria

  4th: Feria                                                  19th: Feast of the BVM

  5th: The Transfiguration of our Lord      20th: Bernard, Abbot - Clairvaux                     

  6th: Feria                                                  21st: Feria

  7th: Feria                                                  22nd: Feria

  8th: Dominic, Founder-Order of Preachers 23rd: Feria

  9th: Mary Sumner, Founder of the MU       24th: Bartholomew, Apostle

10th: Laurence, Deacon at Rome                25th: Feria

11th: Clare of Assisi                                   26th: TRINITY 13

12th: Trinity 11                                         27th: Monica, mother of Augustine

13th: Jeremy Taylor, Bishop                        28th: Augustine, Bp. of Hippo

14th: Feria                                                 29th: Beheading of John the Baptist

15th: Feria                                                 30th: John Bunyan, spiritual writer

                                                                 31st: Aidan, Bp. of Lindisfarne

Church of England Calendar
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