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Wednesday 1st August 201809:15Said Mass
Sunday 5th August 201810:00Feast of the Transfiguration Sung Eucharist
17:00Songs of Praise and Parish BBQ
Monday 6th August 201800:00NO JOGGERS THIS MONTH
10:30Mass with hymns at Rowallan House Nursing Home
19:00Said Mass
Tuesday 7th August 201800:00NO MOTHERS' UNION or JOGGERS THIS MONTH
12:00Said Mass
Wednesday 8th August 201809:15Said Mass
Sunday 12th August 201800:00Deadline for the September magazine
10:00TRINITY 11 - Sung Eucharist
Monday 13th August 201819:00Said Mass
Tuesday 14th August 201812:00Said Mass
Wednesday 15th August 201809:15Said Mass
Sunday 19th August 201810:00FEAST OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY - Sung Eucharist
Monday 20th August 201819:00Said Mass
Tuesday 21st August 201812:00Said Mass
Wednesday 22nd August 201809:15Said Mass
Friday 24th August 201800:00Feast of St Bartholomew
Sunday 26th August 201810:00TRINITY 13 - All-Age Eucharist
Monday 27th August 201819:00Said Mass
Tuesday 28th August 201812:00Said Mass
Wednesday 29th August 201809:15Said Mass
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