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Sunday 3rd December 201710:00ADVENT SUNDAY - Sung Eucharist
Monday 4th December 201719:00Said Mass
20:00JOGGERS meeting in the Vicarage
Tuesday 5th December 201710:15JOGGERS meeting in the Vicarage
12:00Said Mass
Wednesday 6th December 201709:15Said Mass
Saturday 9th December 201710:00Church cleaning session
19:00Concert by the Barley Singers at St Pauls' Church, Atholl Rd
Sunday 10th December 201700:00Deadline for the January magazine
10:00ADVENT 2 - Sung Eucharist
16:00Messy Church in the Community Centre, Barley Lane, Goodmayes
Monday 11th December 201719:00Said Mass
Tuesday 12th December 201712:00Said Mass
Wednesday 13th December 201709:15Said Mass
Friday 15th December 201720:00Youth Group Christmas Party at St John's Seven Kings
Sunday 17th December 201710:00ADVENT 3 - Sung Eucharist & Nativity Play
16:00Mothers' Union Christmas Tea Party
18:00Parish Carol Service - all invited
Monday 18th December 201710:30Mass with Carols at Rowallan House Nursing Home
19:00Said Mass
Tuesday 19th December 201712:00Said Mass
Wednesday 20th December 201709:15Said Mass
Sunday 24th December 201710:00Mass of Our Lady
16:00Childrens Service
23:30MIdnight Christ Mass by Candlelight
Monday 25th December 201710:30CHRISTMAS DAY - Mass with Carols
Tuesday 26th December 201700:00Feast of St Stephen
Wednesday 27th December 201700:00Feast of St John the Evangelist
09:15Said Mass
Thursday 28th December 201700:00Feast of the Holy Innocents
Sunday 31st December 201710:00CHRISTMAS 1 - All-Age Eucharist