The Peter & Paul Window

“St. Peter & St. Paul” Window, 1933 (Bray Memorial)

This third west end window was added in 1933, to complete a matching set, all made in the same style by Morris & Company.  The figure of St. Peter was designed by J.H. Dearle; that of St. Paul was a Burne- Jones design.  The money was raised by subscription, in memory of Mr. A.H. Bray, a prominent member of St Paul’s for many years, and the window was dedicated on 21st May 1933.

The subject needs very little explanation – it`s an obvious choice, for a Church dedicated to St. Paul.  He and St. Peter have always been linked together, as the two leading apostles in the Early Church, and as fellow-martyrs in Rome under Nero.  Peter, on the left, holds the ‘Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven’ (Matthew 16.19), while Paul bears the sword of martyrdom.  As a Roman citizen, he would have been executed in this way; Peter is said to have been crucified.  Both saints also carry books, to indicate that they were among the writers of the New Testament.

The inscription reads: “To the glory of God and in memory of Alfred Herbert Bray who passed to his rest on the 22nd of August 1931.”

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