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Church of England Calendar for November 2017

           Church of England Calendar for November 2017


  1st:  Feria                                                16th: Margaret of Scotland

  2nd: All Souls’ Day                                   17th: Hugh, Bishop of Lincoln

  3rd : Richard Hooker, Anglican Apologist    18th: Elizabeth of Hungary

  4th: Feria                                                 19th: 2nd Sunday before Advent                                

  5th: All Saints Sunday                            20th: Edmund, King & Martyr

  6th: Feria                                                 21st:  Feria

  7th: Willibrord of York                               22nd: Feria

  8th: Saints & Martyrs of England               23rd: Clement, Bishop of Rome

  9th: Feria                                                 24th : Feria

10th: Leo the Great                                     25th: Feria

11th: Martin, Bishop of Tours                       26th: Christ the King

12th: Remembrance Sunday                     27th: Feria

13th: Charles Simeon, Evangelical Divine      28th: Feria

14th: Feria                                                 29th:  Feria

15th: Feria                                                 30th: Andrew the Apostle