Church of England Calendar for September 2017

   Church of England Calendar for September 2017


  1st:  Feria                                         16th: Ninian, Bishop of Galloway

  2nd: Feria                                         17th: Trinity 14

  3rd :Trinity 12                                 18th: Feria

  4th: Feria                                          19th: Feria                                 

  5th: Feria                                          20th: John Coleridge Patteson

  6th: Feria                                          21st: Matthew, Apostle

  7th: Feria                                          22nd: Feria

  8th: Birth of the BVM                         23rd: Feria

  9th: Feria                                          24th: BacktoChurch Sunday

10th: Trinity 13                                   25th: Lancelot Andrewes, Bishop

11th: Feria                                          26th: Feria

12th: Feria                                          27th: Vincent de Paul

13th: John Chrysostom, Bishop           28th: Feria

14th: Holy Cross Day                           29th: Michael & All Angels

15th: Cyprian, Bishop of Carthage      30th: Feria                                                             




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